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A Cup of Coffee and a Second Opinion

Views • 3rd Sep, 21

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The great Oscar Wilde once said that the only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on.

This statement is timeless and still applies in today’s turbulent market.

At The Choice Alliance Group, we strive to accomplish just that! We aim to provide the most accurate and the best financial advice in the industry.

No hidden costs or agendas; just truthful advice.

The Story behind the Second Opinion Service

At Choice Alliance, we truly understand that not everyone has had the ideal experience with their advisors. Client trust and investment track record are either your finest assets or a pair of brewing problems for financial advisors.

A 2020 study conducted by CNBC found that many people seeking advice from advisors were dissatisfied with their received advice; in terms of client-advisor trust, the nonalignment of returns, or that the advisor moved on.

Igniting the urge to rectify this and shed some positive light upon the financial advisory industry, we created the Second Opinion Service.

What is the Second Opinion Service?

The Second Opinion Service is a:

➢ No cost;

➢ No obligation service;

➢ Offered to all individuals, anywhere around the globe, with any investment provider.

With this free financial advice service, we can look at what you already have in place and assist you to understand what might be done differently to enhance your returns while also lowering your total expenses.

Evidently, the Second Opinion Service is aimed to help investors in making excellent choices. Taking clients through the first steps of our wealth management process identifies any shortcomings in their current service and provides the groundwork for a roadmap to assist them to achieve their wondrous goals.

Fun Fact: We have been assisting families for many years at Choice Alliance. We have also been able to assist as many as four generations of the same family!

So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment using the link below and take the first steps in achieving your financial goals.

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