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Benefits of using a Financial Advisor

Views • 6th Oct, 20

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Benefits of using a Financial Advisor


  1. Objective

Most clients and investors lack objectives in the investment decisions. This means they will invest their money through emotions and most of the time end up losing money.

By using a Financial Advisor they will help you undertake the right investment decisions based on objectives.


  1. Professionals

They will give you advice, training and a wealth of knowledge that you may not have on your own. They will keep you updated with current market trends and this will help with your investment decisions.


  1. Taxation

People around the world need to understand tax implications. Avoiding this issue can erode your investment growth and income plus that of your loved ones upon death. A professional financial adviser can help you make decisions to navigate around these issues.


  1. Peace of Mind

Confirmation that you are on the right track and properly managing your money can be just as valuable as identifying ways to improve your finances. Financial Advisors can give you peace of mind. Some would say that is priceless.


Based on research we believe a Financial Adviser can add as much as 4.4% per annum to an average investors investment portfolio. This is a combinations of Annual rebalancing of investment portfolio, Behavioral mistakes, Cost, Planning and Tax Planning.


How we help our global clients;

  • Retirement Planning
  • Regular Savings
  • Portfolio Management
  • UK Property Investment
  • U.S Connected Solutions
  • Second Option Service
  • Currency Exchange
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • UK Pension Planning
  • Life Insurance, Health Plans and Income Protection


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