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What do we do and how do we help our clients?

Views • 28th Jul, 21

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What do we do and how do we help our clients?

This has become our most common question over the last few months with emails and messages from people asking, ‘what do you do exactly and how can you help me?’

We are a unique financial planner where we can help in different areas of finance including multi location planning so it’s difficult to provide a full list in this article.

So, we thought it would be beneficial to breakdown one of the most important areas of financial planning and that’s Pensions and Retirement planning. For you to decide if you need any assistance and remember any initial meeting held with our Financial Planners is complimentary (yes FREE) where we introduce ourselves further and explain how the process works including costs and fees.

UK Pension Planning

Have you worked in the UK? It’s likely you would have contributed to a private pension and/or state pension. We can guide you through what type of pension you have the benefits and the options available to you. We can also discuss your state pension and see what that looks like upon retirement.

Swiss Pension Planning

Have you worked in Switzerland or do you currently work in Switzerland?
The Swiss pension system operates on a Three Pillar concept which consists of your state pension, occupational pension and private pension. We have extensive experience in guiding clients through the options available to them now and upon retirement.

Irish Pension Planning

Have you worked in the Republic of Ireland? During your career you may have spent some time in The Emerald Isle where you may have contributed to a workplace pension. Again, we have options available to you and can provide valuable advice. Also, you might be working in Ireland and have various pensions from different employments, we can help!

Australian Superannuation Pension Planning

Have you worked in Australia? It could have been on a permanent or temporary visa but you would have contributed to your ‘super’. And with several pension providers making changes its worth reviewing to see if it can be improved.


US Pension Planning

Have you worked in the United States? As per the above countries if you have worked in America you would have an IRA or 401k. It’s important to understand how the pension(s) are working for you and what your options are. One of our US pension experts can guide you in this area.

Retirement Planning

So, you’ve not worked in any of the above counties, but retirement planning is still important to you? We can still help you set up a sustainable flexible plan aimed towards retirement and your goals.

For example, did you know if you invested $/£/€ 500 every month for 20 years based on 6% annual returns you would have over $/£/€ 230,000! Which could give you an income of $/£/€ 11,500 per annum.

We provide clear guidance for you and your family on how your retirement could look and how to achieve it. To review your pension or retirement planning book a meetng with one of our financial planner on the below link, and remember we operate globally so it doesnt matter where you are; 


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