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Why Use a UK Mortgage Broker if your Living in the UK or Abroad

Views • 1st Feb, 21

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Why you should choose a UK Mortgage Broker if you live in the UK or are an Expat living Abroad?

Buying a house or refinancing an existing mortgage can be tough. For instance, did you know the mortgage process can take up to 60 hours? That’s a lot of work – and that’s why it’s a good idea to let a professional take the weight off your shoulders.

A mortgage broker is essentially a middleman for the mortgage process. Your mortgage broker will have access to a wide range of lenders and will help you choose the most suitable one for your situation.

It is their job to make your mortgage process hassle-free, undertaking tasks such as liaising with the lender and all other legal parties. They will be there every step of the way to give unbiased, professional advice and to help you out with any big (or small!) queries you might have along the way.

7 Reasons to Choose a Mortgage Broker

  1. An Unbiased source of information

Intermediaries are unbiased parties, who have access to a wide range of lender rates at their fingertips. This means they can advise you on the best lender for your situation. And if you’re not ready to apply, they will certainly give you the heads up and will even help you get organised for the future.

  1. Advice on Multiple Options

Banks will only advice you on its range of products. And this will only represent a small fraction of the options available to you in the market. A mortgage broker has connections with all the lenders in the broker market and will advise you on a wide range of options. This will increase your chances of arranging a mortgage that is most suitable to your needs and unique circumstances.  

  1. Call in the Experts

Intermediaries are experts in their field and have years of experience managing mortgages on behalf of their clients, and this will speed up the whole process.

For example, your intermediary will fill out your mortgage forms and handle the finer details with practiced skill, as they will know what the lenders are looking for and can explain away any uncertainties.

  1. No Differences in Products Offered Through a Broker

You may assume that you might get a better deal going direct to a bank, as the banks pay brokers a commission for arranging mortgages. The good news is this isn’t the case. The reason for this is that the brokers create significant cost savings for the lenders. Brokers gather all the required documentation, thoroughly assess the details against lender criteria, and then prepare and submit mortgage applications. They also handle all communications and queries, right up to the point when a client draws down their mortgage funds and move into their new homes.

  1. Peace of mind

Cross-checking legal documents can be tedious, and if you’re juggling other daily tasks you may miss a vital piece of information or step. A mortgage intermediary can ensure everything is covered and ticked-off from start to finish.

The final stages of the application are usually the most nail-biting, so it’s good to know that your intermediary will be on standby, making sure that the loan offer is finalised and all terms have been met.

  1. A Back-Bone of Support

Your mortgage broker is your trusted confidant at all stages of your mortgage journey. At the beginning, they will talk you through the whole process, so you know exactly what’s ahead of you. Throughout the rest of your journey, you may have some doubts or less-than-common requests – and that’s fine.

Your mortgage broker will be well accustomed to handling any mortgage query, no matter how big, small or obscure, and will be a much-needed source of reassurance.

  1. The Hard Work is Done

Getting a mortgage can be time consuming. Your mortgage broker will manage this process from start to finish – so you don’t have to worry about handling any paperwork or getting admin headaches.

At the beginning, an intermediary will assess your situation and will do in-depth market research. Further down the line, you can rely on an intermediary to keep the process moving and to keep communication lines open, so you can avoid running to the bank or making calls during your lunch hour.

And after your intermediary has received your mortgage approval in principle, they will liaise with the lender, the lender’s valuer and your solicitor.

The Choice Alliance Group - UK Mortgage Service help clients with Residential Mortgages, Buy to Let and Commercial Mortgages for properties in the UK. We have clients all over the world that benefit from this service not just clients based in the UK itself.

So, if you are buying a new property, re-mortgaging an existing property or would like to find out if you could save money on your current mortgage contact us today for a meeting.

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