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Don't get caught out by FATCA. Historically it’s been very hard for US connected persons to hold investments when living outside the US. We have found that many banks and financial institutions will not allow accounts to be opened due to the reporting requirements (FATCA).

We provide cost effective solutions with low entry levels for Americans or US connected person. These are fully SEC+IRS complaint.

- Regular Savings (Euro Only)

- Lump Sum Savings (GBP, EURO, USD)

Your 401K
  • Have you worked in the US and built up a 401k?
  • If you have a 401k in the US then you have options that may benefit you. By rolling over your 401k into a Individual Retirement Account (IRA) could benefit you in a number of ways;
  • Better Investment Choice – Allows you to develop a better long-term strategy
  • Lower Costs – Depending on your current structure there might be a lower cost option available
  • Flexibility for Withdrawal – By rolling over your 401k it enables you to manage withdrawals and taxes you pay
  • More Control – Allows you to move investments around easier
  • Wealth Transfer Advantages – Upon death there is a chance that your 401k will be paid as a lump sum to one beneficiary. When moving to an IRA it allows you to have multiple beneficiaries
  • Fewer Restrictions – Each Company setting up a 401k has a lot of flexibility in how it’s set up. The IRS standardizes an IRA.
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If you want to know more about solutions that are available for expats, including Americans & US connected persons, then please contact us.

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