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After you have worked outside the UK for a number of years, obtaining a Mortgage can not only be difficult but also extremely time consuming and frustrating with some offshore banks demanding that a certain amount of savings be kept in one of their low interest baring savings accounts.

We can help if you live in the UK or overseas with the following services:

  • Residential Mortgages
We can assist you with buying your first home, moving home or re-mortgaging to reduce your payments or improve your terms. Ultimately, we can secure the most favourable mortgage rates for your circumstances, whether you are based in the UK or overseas.
  • Commercial Mortgages
Sourcing the right commercial finance is typically more complex than finance for residential purposes. We work in a variety of commercial sectors, including office, retail, land, mixed-use property and healthcare.
  • Buy to Let Mortgages
Investing in property remains a popular choice for those looking for a long-term investment compared to savings or the stock market. 
  • Equity Release
Equity Release has grown in popularity in recent years and provides home-owners over the age of 55 with the ability to release money from their home, provided it is located in the United Kingdom. Many people in retirement find they have considerable wealth in their property but insufficient funds for day-to day living or one-off expenses.
  • Development Finance
Development finance is specifically designed to find building projects for residential, commercial and mixed-use developments, of all sizes. Normally development loans were only accessible to experienced and credit worthy developers, however this sector has rapidly expanded. Traditional high-street banks and specialist development lenders are seeing more competition from challengers banks, family offices and investment funds. For the borrower, this means more choice, increased flexibility and ultimately cheaper terms than have previously been available.
  • Lombard Lending
Lombard lending fulfils the need for immediate cash without having to divest assets. Lombard lending can offer a much greater degree of flexibility than conventional property finance, particularly if the property being used as security is your main residence, or the intended use is for business purposes. This type of borrowing is asset backed and doesn't fall under regulated mortgage criteria. It isn't based on a multiple of your personal or asset derived income.
  • Bridging Finance
A bridging loan is a type of short-term finance solution often used to fund for a specific timescale, whilst allowing a client to refinance to a longer-term debt or sell an asset to repay a loan. Bridging finance is becoming a more popular product due to the flexibility it offers.
  • Second Charge Finance
Second charge finance is a more attractive alternative to re-mortgaging or seeking an unsecured loan. It can be a cost-effective way of borrowing in certain circumstance, such as if you have restrictions on an existing first charge mortgage. Or if you have high early redemption penalties or an attractive interest rate that you do not wish to lose.


If you would like further information on any of the above lending options please contact us below.

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