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When we wake up every morning and go through our normal routines to make sure we get the kids to school, get to work on time, and miss that dreadful traffic jam the last thing on our minds is what would happen if your pay-check never arrived?

What would happen to your family, loved ones and assets if you were to suffer an accident, illness or worse yet sudden death. Protecting yourself against the unexpected is an important part of any robust financial plan.

Have you considered the following?

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Things to consider

  • What would happen to you, your family and your assets, if you were to have an accident, suffer an illness or die?
  • Does your insurance cover you while you're working abroad? Many policies don't so you need to check.
  • Think what would you do if your partner suffered an accident, illness or died? What financial support would you and your family need at this time?
  • How much capital would you need on a monthly basis if the worse was to happen?
  • What would happen to your home if you couldn’t afford to maintain your payments and how long do you have to pay back missed premiums?
  • Does the policy you took out years ago still cover you and your family whilst you are working abroad?


Understand the options available to you.

There are generally two main types of insurances to protect against the unexpected

  • Critical illness cover
  • Income protection insurance.

The first is a one-off lump sum payment and the second a regular, replacement income for while you cannot work.

There are detailed conditions applied to all types of cover, but the good news is that we are able to help you understand and make a plan that covers every eventuality and means that you won’t be left struggling to meet your daily cost of living, so at least the financial impact of ‘the worst’ happening to your family will be limited.

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