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New Solution Available - Stocks and Shares ISA

News • 31st Jan, 24

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New Solution - Stocks and Shares ISA

When leaving the UK, you often leave assets behind like Savings Accounts and Cash ISA's (Individual Savings Account). This is mainly because people don't know what to do with them or they are planning to return to the UK.

We often advise our clients on the options available but we now have somewhere to transfer and manage the assets more efficiently. 

Who is the ISA designed for:

The ISA is designed to help our clients invest for the medium to long term. It offers;

◊ The ability for UK expats to hold onto their ISA nest egg.

◊ On-going investment alignment.

◊ A wide range of simple investment options.

◊ Easy access to savings at any time for emergency withdrawals.

◊ The ability to transfer in ISA cash from other providers to consolidate ISA savings.

◊ Secure online access that allows customers to view their ISA investments.

The solution has been designed to be most suitable for clients who:

◊ Are a retail client aged 18 or over.

◊ Are a UK expatriate who will be returning to the UK or could potentially return.

◊ Would benefit from retaining a UK tax-efficient product.

◊ Wish to transfer existing ISA(s) to take advantage of our wealth consolidation with investment options all in one platform and resource for their advisers.

◊ Are seeking a medium to long term investment solution, even though capital maybe at risk.

◊ Want investment advice and have a basic level of financial capability and consent to, the advice being given.

This solution is not suitable for customers who:

◊ Are a UK expatriate intending to be a permanent overseas resident.

◊ Do not wish to use the services of a financial adviser.

◊ Want to manage their own investment.

◊ Want to subscribe new monies.

◊ Are interested in complex, non-standard investment options.

◊ Do not wish to take an element of financial risk with their investment.

◊ Require a guaranteed rate of return.

◊ Are aged under 18.

◊ Are a UK resident.


Tax treatment in different jurisdictions will vary based on your residency and savings may be liable to either income tax, capital gains tax or even wealth tax, depending on the tax rules in a client’s country of residency. Clients should clarify with their local tax authority, or suitably qualified tax adviser, how they should report the assets held within the ISA. Investments should be considered over the longer term and considered with the client’s overall attitude to risk and financial circumstances. The value of investments (and any income from them) can go down as well as up and the full amount may not be able to be retrieved. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

To hear more and find out if its suitable for you then book an appoint here;

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