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When we make that bold decision to work away from home and miss out on being close by to our friends and loved ones, the reason is often the same. Significantly higher salaries, benefits and often lower taxes.

Many expats can get swept up in their new lifestyle and increased disposable income and recent studies have found that more than 60% return to their home country with no more saved than when they left. If you couple this with the fact that the average expat spends only 7 years working abroad before returning home it's easy to understand the importance of saving towards the future.

Everybody has goals and objectives they want to achieve in the future. Whether that be saving for a wedding, their dream car or even that special holiday home. Understanding the
best way to achieve these goals can be challenging in an ever-changing financial climate. When considering the above it is vital to ensure that any plan that is established is not only flexible given that your circumstances are far more likely to change than that of a native worker, but also accessible ensuring that the monies you have saved are able to be released when you need them rather than being tied into a policy with little to no access.
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The Choice Alliance Group only work with the most secure and regulated locations, normally UK Crown Dependencies. Understanding which solution suits you and your family is paramount, and by speaking with one of our UK regulated advisers we can ensure that any plan put in place works for you now and in the future, whatever and wherever that may be.

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