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Second Opinion Service

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At Choice Alliance we have been helping families for many years and in some cases we have been able to help as many as four generations of the same family.

We do understand that not everybody has received the best experience from their advisors, whether their advisors have moved on, the returns being received are not what was promised or simply that they have become unhappy with the advice that they are receiving.

We have created the “Second Opinion” service. A no cost, no obligation service where we can look at what you already have in place and help you understand what can be done differently to not only improve on the returns you are witnessing but also look to decrease your overall running costs.

The Second Opinion Service has been developed to help investors make informed decisions. Taking investors through the start of our wealth management process reveals any gaps in the investor's current service and lays the foundations of a strategy to help investors reach their goals. Recommendations are then made about the way forward with the investor's existing adviser or with The Choice Alliance Group.


We offer this service for individuals based anywhere in the world with any investment provider.

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